स्वागतम्- अयि संस्कृतानुरागिणः ।
अत्र भवतां समेषां हार्दं स्वागतं व्याहरति सारस्वत-निकेतनम्॥ संस्कृत-गीतानि, संस्कृत-नाटकानि, संस्कृत-साहित्यं, चर्चा:,संस्कृत-लेखनं, पठनं, तथा च यद् यद् वयं चिन्तयितुं शक्नुम: तत् तद् अत्र मिलित्वा कर्तुं शक्येत इति एव अस्माकं दृष्टि: अस्ति। सर्वेऽपि अस्य जालपुटस्य माध्यमेन सोत्साहं संस्कृत-संवर्धनाय कार्यरता: भविष्यन्ति इति विश्वासेन इदम् आह्नवानम्।

स्वागतमत्र भवताम्!

Passing through the transition time phase our India needs that the vacuum between our traditional root value, heritage and modern young generation must be covered. Sarsvat-Niketanam (Home of Sanskrit and Sanskriti lovers) is oriented to connect our new generation with this divine language (Sanskrit) which is the base of our root, identity & originality. To change public negative mindset towards of Sanskrit and to provide platform to creative thought and analysis related with Sanskrit on internet are our main priorities. For successful journey this mission expects a support of Sanskrit and Sanskriti lovers like you. As a Sanskrit lover it is always tried to present resource from different ways. I started my mission with by creating general awareness regarding Sanskrit in Allahabad while I was involved with 'Abhivyakti program'. Onwards it I was involved to create such place during my study in JNU, after coming IIT Bombay, I started my mission globally and connected myself with online activities. I could get the help from a lot of Sanskrit lovers. I am thankful to our active members, who help me in the way of my mission. My mission (to create a place, from where you can find all the important e-resource regarding Sanskriti) will be true only with your help. I request you to send your comments so that I can remove errors from the way of my mission and improve.

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