Dr. Bipin Kumar Jha has been in academics for the past one and a half decades. With basic education in Gurukul system, Dr. Jha is a former student of the University of Allahabad,JNU, IIT, Bombay and Central Sanskrit University. He has 11 years of UG and PG level teaching experience. Dr. Jha has been invited for several lectures/ keynote addresses in international and national Seminars. Dr. Jha has been awarded the Best Abstract award (NIT, Kurukshetra), JRF (UGC), D. S. Gardi (JNU), and Merit awards in all three subsequent years of Graduation (Ewing Christian College, University of Allahabad) ...Sanskrit Junction : Passing through transition time phase our India needs that the vacuum between our traditional root value, heritage and modern young generation must be covered.

Bal-Nandini (बाल-नन्दिनी) Series -A Short Story Series for Kids. by Dr Bipin Kumar Jha

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