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I am working as a full-time ‘Sanskrit Sevaka’. The goal of the works is- ‘To make the Sanskrit Language affable companion of the Youth so that they can appreciate, be proud of and enjoy the marvelous Sanskrit legacy. All the Sanskrit Works are available under the banner of Sarasvat-Niketanam.

6 UGC-2022 With Dr. Bipin Kumar 4 Months Course :Regular Guidance for Sanskrit Students.
• Regular Monday to Saturday.
• For Competitive Exams (Morning Session)
• Sanskrit for Day-to-Day life (Evening Session)
• Free of Cost.
• 47 Scholars have been delivered lectures on various topics.
5 Bal-Nandini: Short Sanskrit Stories
• Since-25th Sep 2020.
• Focused on the reorientation of moral value in kids.
• It is just to motivate students to learn short valuable thoughts in the form of Stories.

4 The Presentation of Sanskrit Youth Works

• Since-15th Sep 2020.
• Focused on Innovative Ideas of Sanskrit Youth.
• It will present the Hidden Potential of Bharatvarsha.
• Future of Sanskrit-oriented works.

3 The First International Sanskrit Webinar Series (First Ever started) Concept, Coordination & Implementation: Dr. Bipin Kumar Jha

• Since- 12th April 2020.
• The ONLY Webinar for Sanskrit Speakers on the international platform
• Participation- 600+ Attendees, 19 Universities, 8 Countries, 48 Allied Fields, 23 Speakers, 5 Vice-Chancellors, 3 Former Vice Chancellors.
• All lectures are placed on YouTube.
2. Varsha-amritam: Video Tutorials for Sanskrit Students.
Subscribers- 11K
• Since 3.6.2008.
• वर्षाऽमृतम् : शास्त्रज्ञानधारा (संस्कृतशास्त्राऽध्ययन-ई-अभिनवा परम्परा)
• YouTube Channel to Study Shastras in The Easiest Way.
• URL-
• Views- 512,117
• Impressions- 4872421
• View Hours- 30810.6
• Total Videos 480+
• country-wise Viewers- India, United States, Nepal, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Sri Lanka, Oman, Brazil
• Subscribers- 11,008 (From- India, US, Netherlands, Nepal)

1 Jahnavi Sanskrit E-Journal:[The First Sanskrit E-Journal in the field of Sanskrit] Concept, Coordination & Implementation: Dr. Bipin Kumar Jha

• Since-20.01.2010.
• Focused on Quality Research.
• Published more than 600 Research Papers.
• Approved by/requested to ISSN, UGC, SCOPUS, JIF.

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